Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lessons Learned

I just got back from shooting my very first civil wedding (written on Saturday, posted today) and it was quite the learning experience.  

Lessons Learned:

1) Regardless of how awkward it feels being in everyone's way... definitely get up close during the ceremony.

2) Regardless of how horrible you feel with your allergies DON'T you dare take Benadryl!

3) Definitely wear a dress with pockets... sorry, Nate, but I guess I have to go shopping.

4) Just deleted this one... still a good lesson learned, but not for everyone to read...

I have another wedding this upcoming Saturday and I can't wait to put these lessons learned to good use!
Some beautiful cupcakes.

I loved that they had a marimba band. 

T he groom and his father. 
The bride and hers.
The ceremony.

The best man.

Pronounced as Mr. and Mrs.
I love this action shot.  They both look so happy.
The bride's daughter and the best man.
One of my favorite teachers EVER, Kerry Loewen, greeting the bride and groom.
In addition to the marimba band, a close friend of theirs played the guitar before the ceremony began.

Yummy lemonade.
This guy was my favorite and he makes a mean shish-kabob.
The bride's parents... the father of the bride was so funny.

These two little girls were sisters and LOVED having their pictures taken.  After every picture they'd ask, "Can I see?"  It must be hard to be a film photographer now-a-days when children ask to see... I would hate to disappoint.  Later after everything died down and most everyone had left they came over and wanted to take my picture and after every shot they were sweet enough to show me how it turned out.  Too cute.

This place was beautiful.  It had rained the few days before and so the plants were so lush.  It was gorgeous.
The bride and groom shots.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Guess who Graduated?!?

So, I have hijacked the blog again, but news like this has to shared.  Brittney has always been one of the hardest working, dedicated, ambitious, driven, hard-nosed, stubborn persons I have ever met (I mean come on how else do you think she landed me?).  And today we got to celebrate all of those things with her.  Brittney graduated from Eastern Oregon University today with her Bachelor of Science in Art.  And in traditional Brittney style, she went above and beyond by not only graduating but being awarded the President's Student Art Award the previous night.  I love Brittney and am so proud of her, she stuck with it, and accomplished her goal while excelling constantly throughout the journey.  Congrats Brittney, College Graduate!

Brittney walking to get her degree
Brittney not paying attention to me yelling for her to stop so I can take a picture!
Can you find the college graduate?
There she is!
Apparently this is the face of someone that just graduated...

Brittney with her parents and brother.

Brittney and me with my parents
Me getting my reward for Brittney graduating
We did it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I want a little Nathan Jr.

A few days ago Nate and I babysat a friend's youngest of two, and all I can say is we had a blast! He was such a sweetheart and would do anything we asked of him after telling us in a really adorable voice, "No."  I think he just wanted to feel like he was in charge, even while being so submissive.

So first we went to the park and it was so cute to see Nate with him.  Liam just adores Nate.  (My favorite Liam story was when they were over at our house one day and the two boys were playing our Gamecube... well, Liam thought he was playing, and he reached up and rubbed Nate's sideburns and asked, "Why you got hair there?"  Which is even funnier because usually you can only understand about a fifth of what he says.  Our conversations usually go something like this.  B: "Liam, that's a cool shirt you have on!"  L: words I can't understand... B: "Oh, cool!"  L: more mumbling I can't understand... B: "Really!?!"  L: still not understanding... "Spiderman..." more mumbling  B: getting all excited because I understood something!  Spiderman... I got that.) 

Anyway we just had so much fun with him that I couldn't help but think how much fun it would be to have a little one around.  We'll keep you posted.  

Gotta love the silly faces.
My turn.