Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's a new year and we're moving on to new things...

Nothing too major, but with the new year has come some big changes for our family.

The best change has been with Ryan.  Christmas was a rough one this year.  We spent it with my family in Washington and ended up making the 6 hour trip back early because Ryan was over-the-top fussy.  At first we figured it was the change in atmosphere...  staying in a house with 4 other kids, plus with having the rest of my family over to visit, things got a little loud and crazy.

A few days after we got back into town Ryan had his 6 month check up.  Thanks to a lot of praying by Nate and I (plus some fasting and praying by our family, and another Priesthood blessing), a few days before that I had an "aha" moment.

Before we left for Christmas I hadn't gone grocery shopping because I didn't want what we didn't eat to go bad in the fridge.... and Ryan was an angel.  Then while we were in Moses I pigged out and ate all the amazing food that Jaycie put in front of me... and Ryan was grumpy.  Then after being home a few days, and before going grocery shopping (besides some basics), Ryan was happy again.  So long story short after the doctor's appointment I'm on a new diet.  And so far we are moving on to week 3 of a happy baby.  And I mean a completely different baby.  He is so happy and so fun.  And it almost brings me to tears... I am that happy that he's not hurting anymore.  My life, in that regard, has become so easy!

And just in time, too.  Because the Monday before we went to the doctor the Bishop asked if he could come by our house.  I was completely blindsided when he asked me if I would be willing to serve as the Young Women's president.  Yikes!  One of the Laurels reminded me that I had mentioned once in our Sunday School class that I loved working with the Young Women and that I missed it.

So that week was basically one of many answered prayers as we were able to help Ryan with his problem and I was able to determine who were supposed to be my counselors.  I'm excited (and a little nervous, but mostly excited) to dive into 2011!

Ryan's 6 month stats:

weight- 18 lbs 9oz. 70th percentile
head circumference- 88th percentile
height- 56th percentile
hair length- 3 1/2"+  He got his first trim on the 11th just to get it out of his face... I'm not quite ready for it to all come off yet.

His favorite things:

chatting in his crib in the mornings
making funny faces, including an angry face and an old man face
chewing on EVERYTHING!!!
making growling noises
shaking his head "no" to everything Mom and Dad says
Daddy (he doesn't even give me the time of day anymore)
being naked... his favorite time of the day
ABC song and "I wish I were a little bar of soap" song
the game "Where's Ryan?"
eating his feet- sometimes when I'm a little slow getting him out of his crib after a nap the tips of his socks will be drenched.... pretty funny, I know...
peeking around corners
rolling around on the floor
rocking in the glider... it's probably when he's the most vocal
pureed mac and cheese with garden vegetables, prunes, bananas, and mangos

Things he's not so fond of:

his swing (the magic's worn off)
green vegetables and Gerber's "peach cobbler" puree, the former leads to some pretty funny disgusted faces, the later sends him into a screaming fit.... I think it may be the cinnamon?
getting out of his bathtub
sitting in his highchair
rattle noises