Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Two July Arrivals

Okay, so obviously we aren't really having twins (or I'd probably be done by now), but Nate's mom came to visit the other day before she and Clem take off for a month long mini mission in Nauvoo this summer.  And while she was here she dropped off the baby blessing outfits she's been working on for us.  I love them and I'm especially excited that the bottom fabric of the dress came from the Singer boys' bassinet from when they were babies.  I'm a sucker for the sentimental.  Thank you, Rita!  I love them!

I am however looking forward to a second July arrival, in addition to the sure-to-be-adorable baby Singer.  A month or so back Nate and I finally found a bedroom set that we loved (after TONS of looking, mind you).  Unfortunately, it was on backorder.  The whole reason we were looking was so we could get our room all organized before the baby got here, but we loved it so much we quickly got over it.  So sometime in the beginning of July we'll also have these beauties delivered (minus the nightstand.)
I can't wait.  Now if only our bedroom were that spacious/beautiful... someday, perhaps.

38 weeks

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Work hard... play hard.

So after weeks of hard work we finally finished sanding, priming and painting our crib and changing table set.  Unfortunately, we forgot to take a before picture (maybe Jaycie has one to share?)  So you'll just have to imagine that it was covered with a light stain.  That was before and here is now:
I'm really happy with how it turned out.  It was a lot of work and I definitely wouldn't do it over, but I do really love it.  I'm especially crazy for the green knobs that we added.  You'll have to imagine a cute little name hanging above the crib that I'll be making... uh... I'd like to say as soon as I get home from the hospital, but it'll probably be more like a month or so later.

And the rest of the room... wish I could've painted the walls.  
Now that we're almost there as far as being ready for the baby goes (we do have a few more little things to pick up) we decided that we'd better use this weekend to get away one last time before the baby gets here.  So... we hit up the coast.  And the weather was beautiful, finally.  Otherwise we would've probably gone sooner.
And finally, a 37 weeks along picture.  So ready to have this baby before I get any bigger.