Sunday, April 25, 2010

3/4 of the way there!

The third trimester so far has been better than expected.  I've actually been feeling really good lately and have been wishing that things could stay just like this for awhile.  A month ago I was so ready to have this kid (the nausea had temporarily come back and I was having really horrible back pain), but now that things are good I'm not so much looking forward to labor.... the baby, yes... labor, not so much.  I guess that's the reason the third trimester gets so uncomfortable so we're willing to do whatever it takes to end the suffering.  At the moment I'm happy.

The baby has been kicking like crazy.  At the last doctors appointment they gave me a "kick count worksheet."  What a waste of time... considering this kid kicks me all day long.  We have a very active child.  And while I love it most of the time (with the exception of when I'm trying to sleep) I'm a little worried that this kid will never settle down.  Definitely the makings of a soccer player... (or runner, as Nate just pointed out.)

A 30 weeks picture.

The big belly.

"Holy crap."

I've been keeping myself busy lately working on little projects for the nursery.  I've been sanding our nursery furniture getting it ready for paint.  And yes, we did decide on a nursery theme.  Despite the overwhelming votes for the bird theme, I just couldn't get my mind off the fish one, plus it saved me about $80 to go with it.  So I did and when I finally got it in the mail I fell even more in love with it.  (I know, I know.... I ask for your opinion and then I totally disregard it...)  I've been busy painting baby decor to match.

(The lamp base will soon be primed and painted white.)

The fun tryptch I totally copied.


The lamp and clock.

And finally Nate and I spent the weekend doing some planting.  We are definitely missing the 10x10 ft. space we used to have to plant in, but thought we would try our hand at a planter garden.  We'll see how it works out and are hoping to have some zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs here in a few months or so.
The adorable hubby.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"The Simpsons Laugh"

So I can always tell when Nate's watching The Simpsons, even when I'm in another room, because it's usually the only show on television that really gets him laughing hard.  It's a different laugh from his regular one.  And I love it.

And every once in awhile if I'm lucky enough I can get him to laugh "The Simpsons laugh."  It's rare, but man does it feel good to know that occasionally I am that funny...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The other day Nate and I went grocery shopping together and strawberries were on sale (although still a little spendy, since it's not exactly the season.)  The only way I could convince Nate to let me buy some was to promise him this:

Just had a piece for breakfast this morning (healthy, I know)... so good.

And then randomly a 27 weeks along picture for all my family who hasn't seen me in months... yup, I am pretty much a whale... it scares me that I still have 3 months of growing to do... yikes!  How much bigger do I really have to get?  I especially love when I try to squeeze between things that normally wouldn't be a problem, only to find out about halfway through that I don't fit anymore.  It's even more awkward when that tight space is two people.  Yeah, only had to make that mistake once.