Tuesday, May 18, 2010

33 Down, 7 to Go!

Nate and I had a crazy, busy weekend.  I think Nate could have used another one, just to recoup.  (In fact, forget about a crazy weekend.  It's been more like a crazy month.  I had every intention of doing a Mother's Day blog paying tribute to both of the amazing mothers in my life... didn't happen.)  On Friday Nate and I spent almost the whole day sanding our nursery furniture.  We thankfully finally broke down and bought an electric sander... SO worth it.  I'm not sure we would have ever finished without it.  So in a few weekends from now we'll be priming and painting.  Man, will it be such a relief to have that finished!  We'll post pictures when we're done.  (And not to worry, we've done it all outside, I've worn a hot/sweaty mask the whole time, and the paint we've bought is baby safe!)

On Saturday Nate's parents came to visit for a few hours to pick up our treadmill to store until we move into a larger place.  (It's been hogging the baby's room.  We had to do something with it and Nate's parents were kind enough to help us out.  I'm definitely going to miss it though, especially considering how often it rains here.)  We all went out to lunch and it was so nice to visit with them for a little bit.

Then we hit up a BBQ that night with a few people from our ward and had a really nice time.  I have to admit that I was not in the mood to go... it had been such a busy weekend that I just wanted to be lazy and anti-social, but I've decided if I want to make friends I sometimes have to do things I'm not always comfortable with.  It was a good thing we went because we had such a good time and met some new people.

Finally on Sunday I hung out with a new friend at her home while our husbands had 2 hours worth of YM meetings... again it was fun.  Sadly she and her husband are actually moving to La Grande here in a month or so.  (Can I come, too?)  I'm going to miss her.  (Have I told you about my curse?  Whenever Nate and I bond with someone, they shortly end up moving away.  I have to admit though that this is the shortest so far.  We've been lucky enough to keep in contact with most of them.  In fact, one of our favorite couples of all time now lives a mere hour away and since we've moved we've seen them at least 6 times... they will definitely be lifelong friends.)

That evening we were invited to a family in our ward's home for dinner.  It was the perfect ending to an awesome weekend.  We totally hit it off and I didn't want to leave, but knew they had little ones that were up past their bedtimes... hopefully they plan on sticking around for awhile.  They are definitely our type of people.  We both felt so comfortable there.

As far as the pregnancy is concerned, things have been going really well.  I've been feeling great.  I've traded in the once nightly bathroom breaks for three.  And the acid reflux has been a little bit of an issue lately, but the third trimester has so far been my favorite.  Weird... I know.  I'm not sure how long that will last (it's supposed to start getting uncomfortable soon, right?), but I am certainly enjoying it at the moment.

33 weeks... yep, still growing...