Sunday, December 14, 2008

Counting Down the Days to Christmas!

Opening Day 14

So since my last post was directed to Mom Willis, I figured it was fitting that this post be directed to Mom Singer.  

About a month ago Nate had a training in Salem and was able to meet his mom there for breakfast, as she happened to have a doctors appointment in the area.  It was then that Rita gave Nate all of our Christmas presents, expecting that would be the only time she could make the exchange.  (Luckily the weather was great for Thanksgiving and she and Clem were able to come visit and assist in preparing my second Thanksgiving ever.  Rita, thanks for taking care of the pie, cranberry sauce, etc. and thanks Clem for hand washing EVERY last dish!)

Nate returned with the presents later that week and I, being the peeker that I am (it's been a year or two since I last peeked, by the way) couldn't help but notice the Lego insignia through the thin wrapping paper.  The package was marked "To: Nate and Brittney (open November 30)." My initial thought was that it was a Lego nativity set... we don't have one... a regular nativity that is.... too expensive.  Nate was super excited at the thought.

Contents of Day 14- Ahh... isn't he so cute?  Still just a kid at heart.

So November 30th rolled around and we opened the present to find a Lego advent calendar.  I was hoping that along with Legos, there might be some chocolate.  Anyway, Nate was thrilled.  He has had a little bit of an obsession with Legos ever since he was young.  In fact, at the Roseberg reception when we got married all the family was there and Nate let Mary (our niece, 2 or 3 at the time) play with his Lego pirate ship, something that I heard he wouldn't allow in the past.  I thought, "Ahhh... my little Nathan Singer is growing up!"  BUT, he then proceeded to tell her to "be careful," and to "play with it like this," hovering over her making sure she didn't take anything apart.  Just a little protective...

Those same pirate ships are now serving as decorations for his cubicle (mine and Rita's idea).  Trust me, it was pretty barren before.

The fireman rescuing the cat (comprising of Day 7-9)

The scuba diver (comprising of Day 13&14)

Anyway, so every evening we try to remember whose turn it is to open the next compartment.  It's really been fun (except for when I tease Nate that I'm going to open them all when he's at work and put them all together myself... he gets a little angry... he once told me in quite a serious tone that he would leave me.  I'm funny, but mean.)   My favorite so far would have to be our little scuba diver.

Nate actually playing with them.