Monday, February 13, 2012

Ryan Laughing at Jericho*

So for months Ryan has enjoyed a youtube video of a dog named Jericho. We've tried watching others, but none of them get more than a smile here and there. But with Jericho Ryan laughs hysterically. We've never been able to get it on video because the minute the camera comes out Ryan notices and is then too interested in seeing himself in the camera to care about the video.

Last night, as we were laughing at Ryan laughing, Nate got the genius idea to record him with our computer's built-in camera. The results were pretty awesome. And I can't help but smile every time I watch!

Ryan Being Cheesy

Ryan Feeding Goats

A little video from Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Singer's.  This was on a visit to Wildlife Safari.  And while it costs quite a bit to drive through to see the bigger animals, it's completely free to visit the petting zoo and the walk-through zoo part (complete with cheetahs, alligators, monkeys, etc.)