Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dan and Wendy's Wedding

I probably shouldn't be writing this post as I have so many other things to do, but I decided I needed a little break from school before I go crazy.  The thing is that I'm behind on all my school work because this past weekend Nate and I flew down to San Diego for Nate's brother Dan's wedding.  The last of the Singer boys.  Ladies, they are all officially off the market.

What's sad is this was always a great way to get the whole family in one location.  Not sure when the next time will be... we'll all have to plan something out.

The highlights of our trip, in no particular order:

1) The weather-  Can you say perfect?  I wore shorts the whole weekend (it felt like spring) and am now really hating this cold windy La Grande weather.

The San Diego Temple
2) The beach- Nate and I are both crazy for the beach.  We could have stayed there all weekend and been perfectly content.  Nate and his dad were the only ones (from our company) crazy enough to go swimming.

Nate timed this just perfectly to get the splash.  I love it.
We are both so white!
4) Spending time with family-  We hadn't seen Phil, Jenn, Dan and Matt in FOREVER.  I know this is weird but my favorite moments were having breakfast with the family in the sweet hotel Nate's parents paid for and hanging out in mom and dad's room.  (Thanks again, Dan for the Drumsticks!)  The drives from place to place were pretty great, too.

All four Singer boys.   Aren't they handsome?
5) The wedding-  Okay, so I am a wedding freak.  I love weddings.  If I could I would make wedding cakes, be a florist, become a wedding planner, sell wedding dresses and take the pictures because I love them so much and want to be a part of everything.  I guess I'll just have to settle for being the photographer.  My favorite parts of Dan and Wendy's wedding: the bridesmaids orange sashes, the turquoise bows on the chair covers, the hot pink plumeria (my favorite), Wendy's shoes and the location.  The temple there is amazing.
Isn't she beautiful?

Congrats Dan and Wendy!
6) The lack of all school and work-  It's so depressing coming back to reality.

7) Last, but certainly not least, the time I got to spend with Nate.

I love this boy.
Thanks Dan and Wendy for getting married somewhere warm.  Thanks Clem and Rita for the amazing hotel.  And thanks Phil, Jenn and Matt for the good company.