Sunday, August 9, 2009

Singer Snapshots: Take 2

So Nate and I housesat this weekend at a beautiful home out in Cove, OR.  (If we planned on staying in the area this would definitely be the town we'd live in.  It's nestled right up against the mountains and all sorts of wildlife can be seen out your backdoor.  It is gorgeous there.)  We chose to think of this as a mini vacation and it felt just like when we stay in B&B's, only if we wanted breakfast we'd have to make it ourselves.  All day Saturday we were looking forward to some great lighting so that we could go out and take some fun pictures.  As dinner was in the oven we went out for about 15 minutes and took the following photos (some Nate's and some mine).  Again Nate has impressed me with his photographic abilities... I'm a little afraid that he just might be better than me!  I know there are a million pictures, but it's our blog and this is what we love to do!