Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Waiting

Last August my family met up for our annual camping trip and Nate wasn't feeling very well, but we decided to go anyway, thinking he just had a cold.  In the 24 hours we were there he got progressively worse.  He slept just about the entire time we were there.  He was freezing and yet still managed to sweat through 3 layers of clothes, including a sweatshirt.  And in the end we left early because I was really worried about him... he looked like death.

When we got back we took him to the walk-in and they diagnosed him with a severe bacterial infection and gave him a good long dose of antibiotics.  A few days later his blood test results came back and found that he had prostatitis, a bacterial infection of the prostate.  Soon after Nate was done with the weeks and weeks of antibiotics the chills and fevering began again... and again the doctor wrote him a long dose of antibiotics.  Again the same thing happened and the doctor decided to run another blood test revealing that his PSA's were still too high.  Needless to say that brings us to now... after months and months of antibiotics and a CT scan later.  Nate just got back from the doctor and the CT scan revealed that his kidneys were healthy (they were thinking it was an infection in his kidneys), but that his prostate is enlarged (the doctor said it looked like a 50 year olds'.)

The next step is a series of biopsies (neither of which sound fun... I'll spare you the details) to check for cancer, which the Singers have a family history of.  Nate's father was actually diagnosed while Nate was on his mission, but fought through and is now doing great.  Nate's been sick about this whole thing and he's normally the positive "everything will be okay" one... you can only imagine how I've been. 

So if you could, would you keep Nate in your prayers?  We've prayed about it a lot and really feel like everything will eventually work out, but Nate could still use some help (if only for some peace of mind) and we'd greatly appreciate it.  I love you, babe, and I know that everything will be okay.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Baby Sister's Getting Married!

This weekend my parents and sister, Jaycie, came down to La Grande, stayed the night, and then we all got up at 5am to head to Boise.  Meanwhile Brayden, Kammie, and her fiance, Jeff, left at 7am to head to Boise.  We all met up around noon for a day of shopping (I was so good and only spent $15 on a few headbands), wedding planning, engagement pictures, and finally at 9 a yummy dinner at Tucanos.  I forgot how much I missed that place!  Then we all headed back to the hotel where were played games and joked around and finally at 2 we all parted into either the "guys" room or the "girls" room... no snuggling for Nate and I.

The next morning we pigged out at breakfast, hugged goodbye and went our separate ways.  It was a busy weekend, but so nice to spend time with family.  

In the end, I was really disappointed in myself for Kammie and Jeff's pictures.  I was definitely NOT on my A game, which could have been due to any number of things,  i.e. lack of sleep, the bad weather (poor Kammie had to ditch her coat for pictures and it was freezing!) ,not being familiar with Boise and what photographic opportunities were available, the audience that I had of both my whole family and some very friendly transients.  But I thought I would go ahead and post a few for Kammie and let her know that I finished with them about 5 minutes ago.  Woot!  Woot!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Can you improve on perfection... maybe.

So I am not as good as Brittney with words or a camera, but I took over both and well with her as my muse... nothing but awesomeness.  
Brittney was complaining that she was tired of her long hair and she wanted to try something new.  So a couple days ago while I was at work she went in to the hairstylist.  Brittney, who like me is willing to try most things, told the hairstylist to do whatever would look best.  She ended up with this fantastic A-line bob.
All I have to say is my wife is a hottie!

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Dream Job

I'm sick (the whole fever, headache, coughing bit) and therefore have nothing better to do than blog!  It's been awhile.  Nate's sick, too, and as always, he got it worse that I did.  He took yesterday off though and so he feels like he'd better work today.  It's always a challenge to convince him that he should stay home, that no one wants to be around him and chance getting sick, too.

So last night was the opening of a show that some of my work is in down town, at the Satellite Gallery.  (Pictures will come soon.  I forgot my camera, but had friends take some pictures.)  Everyone's work was really amazing.  It was fun, despite the fact that Nate and I kept having to go outside because with our fevers we were dying inside... it was so hot.  It was great standing by my work and just listening to what people had to say about it, not knowing that I was the artist.  My favorite was, "I'm still trying to figure it out."  It was nice that there were people who were interested in content and not just whether they liked it or not.

Afterwards we tried out a new restaurant in town that everyone was raving about "The Ale House" and it was... disappointing.  These poor people that have never had good restaurant food in their lives... or should I be sorry for us that we will never be satisfied with average food?  But overall a very fun night... gave me an excuse to get all dolled up, which rarely ever happens.

The purpose of this post was actually to share about a website I found online while shopping for retro-inspired dresses.  I am a huge fan of fashion and would be totally fashion forward where it not for the fact that we are both college students at the moment (and to top it off... me being an art student of all things).  But fashion is something that I've always loved.  And recently I have realized that I would love to be a clothing/shoe designer.  I seriously think that I could do it.  I really want to learn how to create a pattern and design clothing using one of those seamstress mannequins like they do on Project Runway (one of my favorite shows).  That way instead of having to search and search for a modest dress (they don't exist) I could just make one!  

So I stumbled on this website that sells vintage dresses.  Why is it that they don't make dresses like this anymore? I swear I was born in the wrong era.  My plan (when I have time) is to buy a seamstress mannequin, learn to use it and then create vintage-inspired dresses.  (I can't exactly "make" shoes... so this is the next best thing.)

These are some of my favorite vintage dresses from vintageous.com:

 Not only is the color hot, but I love all the delicate little ruffles... they remind me of the 3rd grade making crepe paper flowers.

I absolutely adore the appliqué and the color is one of my favorites. 

So chic and clean.

I'm a huge fan of lace overlay, especially the black lace over the ivory.. stunning.

Love the color (hot pink can sometimes be to much, but this watermelon color works) and the diagonal lines.

Simple and clean.  Love the lace overlay at the shoulders.

This one really reminds me of my red bathing suit.  I adore the ruching!  Talk about old Hollywood glamour.

The "leafy" bodice is ah-mazing.

I'm digging the lace and the diagonal design of the skirt.

So I'm not usually a fan of the asymmetrical, but this dress is stunning.  Probably in my top three.

Those pockets are so beautiful.